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We are your creative and tech department, sales oriented.

We ofer all the core services to build your promotional platofmr with a single provider, with immediate response and a flexible budgetting system where you are always in control.

Since 2007 combining good design and and straightforward tech, to develop your business vision with image and tools future-proof.

For all marketing needs.

It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur, a big business or a marketing agency; We have different working modes that adjust to the needs of your business or clients’.

Design & development on-demand

Different ways of working and a wide variety of client requirements and markets demand a minimal and straightforward management overhead.

Universal flat rate

We work with an hourly flat rate, billed by the second over a prepaid budget or an  initial estimate. The rate is the same for different areas of work.

this allow flexible estimates that match the the real work executed, which is supported by the time-sheet.

this allow us to optimize our time and our estimates for clients in 3 continents with very different markets and needs.

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Every individual task we process, be it part of a project or just a gig, is timed and logged by the second in a time sheet.

Every second worked is balanced from your prepaid budget, that is your project’s rate multiplied by the hours estimated and the discounts applicable.

It gives you the possibility to obtain additional developments when we over-estimate, or to add new tasks to a project in development without much fuss.

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Marketing emergency room

Imediate assistance for your creative emergencies

All our marketing and creative services are available to be started and delivered the same day, and in most cases in just a handful of hours.

Request a time estimate for free, just ask for our availability in the live chat.

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ingenero Creativo is design and development well done, since 2007

We deliver global grade results with a trustworthy and transparent process. With ways of work oriented to bring quick services without sacrificing quality. Where you  are always in control of the crucial desicions and the budget optimization.


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