About vX 1

Get your development, know how it was done, and learn how to build upon it yourself.

Because the only way to really own your technological or marketing tools is to know how they all work.

To simplify and enrich the process of hiring, managing and paying for a professional’s time.

And that time can be anything: getting a logo designed, a shop setup, a class on copywriting, or a crash course on wordpress management. It works like this:

30 horas de servicios de marketing

Shop for services

Like you would for products, comparing and evaluating how they would fit your project, what options are available, rates, etc.

Pro’s profiles

  • Consultants from a wide variety of fields.
  • Design, Illustrations and Branding specialists.
  • Web developers and designers
  • App developers and designers
  • Marketing specialists
  • Instruction and Coaching.

Estimate the time

Every pro has its way of estimating and their rate, and each client has a set of options to extend their participation in the development.

You might want:

  • Get a simple job and be done with it.
  • Passively monitor a project
  • Actively participate in the process 
  • Getting additional extended coaching.
  • Get a single consultation.
  • Commission an extended study.
60 hour in web development works
150 for ecommerce web development 

Get things done

A key feature of Creativo is that you pay only for the work your professional logs and supports. Thats when you are not participating directly in the work time.

Aded values

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Measurable pros’efficiency
  • Flexible budgets.
  • Pay not for a thing, but for time that can be many tings.
  • Estimates and balances are clear from the start.
  • Many more features are comming.

The opennes of our professionals being willing to show you and teach you how they do it ensures that they are highly experienced and they know what they are doing so you can too.


Mixing different work methods, a wide variety of client requirements, and global or local markets, demand a minimal and straightforward management overhead.

Tokenized Time

Consultants, developers and coaches set their rates to a unified standard value, and clients get a universal currency for multiple providers.

This allow flexible estimates that match the the real work executed, which is supported by the logs and evidences.

This tokenized time system is at the heart of the ecosystem and will help automate all these task that we handle manually today.

About vX 2

Logs & Evidence

Every individual task processed, be it part of a project or just a gig, is timed and logged in a time sheet.

Pros also collect screencaptures and file timestamps, not only as evidence, but as support material for the client’s learning process.

The technologies in development aim to make this process transparent with various levels of record keeping.

For every type of project

It does not matter if you are a bootstrapped entrepreneur, a big business or a marketing agency; Our professionals have different working modes that adjust to the needs of your business or clients’.

About vX 6

Insight, tech and know how as capital.

We invest in startups with marketing and tech developments as our capital.

It gives you a unique opportunity to save time and costs in the development of the most critical components of a new business.

We care a lot for the startup market, we are one after all…

About vX 7

ingenero Creativo is a services marketplace and a startup studio.

Born from a long experience working remote, we are starting this project with the aim to innovate across whole process of the service market workflow, to give more value to both professionals and business.

Interested as a pro or as a business?

Consultants, designers, developers, engineers, coaches, entrepreneurs, owners, CxOs, VCs.

We’d love to hear from you and everyone interested in being part of this project, please connect leaving a message below:

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